Frequently asked questions

  1. Do you accept TV sets? Yes.
  2. Do you do commercial pickup? Yes. Contact us via the commercial pickup request form

  3. Do you do residential pickups? No. we can recycle all your gear but you will need to get it to our location. 

  4. Do you take stereo equipment?. Yes. Fees may apply.

  5. Will someone at your site to help me unload? We supply a cart and a hand truck at our Bellevue location to assist you. If you have something large you should bring help to get it out of your vehicle and on to our sidewalk. we can help out from there. Larger items should be taken to our Woodinville warehouse where we have the equipment to help out. 

  6. Why is there a fee for light bulbs? The WA State lightcycle program has had funding issues and no longer allows small companies to recycle bulbs for free. We must transport the bulbs to Kent, WA, and pay a fee to recycle. 



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